January 17, 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are these tickets paper and why is there another person’s name on it?

These paper tickets, also known as Michaels Tickets tickets, are the new form of print your own tickets being offered by many venues. Michaels Tickets tickets allow for customers to obtain their tickets by email rather than waiting for them to be shipped. Michaels Tickets tickets are as valid as traditional hard tickets. The name printed on the ticket belongs to the individual whose credit card was used to purchase the ticket originally, however this does NOT require that individual to be the one using the ticket.

2. Can I have my tickets delivered to another address?

Tickets cannot be delivered to a different address. Michaels Ticket Service has an agreement with the credit card companies to only ship to the billing address of the credit card being used for the purchase.

3. How can tickets listed on the website not be available?

The website you are viewing is not in real time. What August appear available, unfortunately, August already be sold because the website is updated once every business hour. After our normal business hours, the frequency of our updates decreases.

4. Can you mail my tickets to me?

No, Michaels Ticket Service cannot mail tickets to our customers. If tickets were sent by U.S mail there is no way of tracking the shipment/delivery. By using a delivery service such as Federal Express, packages can be tracked online or by phone. The customer’s signature is also required to help verify delivery and receipt of the ticket package.

5. Why are you charging me more than face value?

We carry premium tickets to sold out events, and pay premium prices to obtain tickets. Face value is not a factor in our pricing model. Pricing is based on ticket demand, availability and market conditions.

6. Are these seats next to each other?

Unless otherwise noted, seats purchased in sets or groups are always next to each other.

7. It says there are 4 tickets available, so why won’t it let me purchase an odd number, such as 3 or 1 ticket?

Although we are not able to break up a group of 2 or 4, you can select an odd number out of a group of odd numbers listed or for any group of 8 or more. If these options are not available online, please call us and will we do our best to accommodate you.

8. If I wait until the day of the event, do I get a better price or deal on the tickets?

Waiting until the day of an event to purchase tickets can be risky. The ticket business is much like the stock market and prices are based solely on availability and demand. If you wait, the event can sell out; the price can go up, down or remain the same. It is important to note that by waiting the customer takes the chance of not being able to get any tickets or paying much more than what they would have paid initially. Keep in mind that due to market driven price fluctuations, we cannot honor prices that were quoted out at an earlier date.

9. (Out of state) I chose pick-up, where do I pick up the tickets from?

You can see a list of our Michaels Tickets locations that are available to have your tickets picked up from. Otherwise shipping or E-Downloading (when available) is the only alternative.

10. I placed a web order and wanted to check the status of my order?

Since our volume of orders to be processed is normally high, it August take up to 24 hours to have one of our sales representatives contact customers. We ask that customers allow us that time to contact them first regarding the order they placed. If the customer still hasn’t heard from a sales representative after the day the order was placed, the orders either never came through to us, or were unable to contact the customer.

11. Why can’t you leave the package without a signature?

We require the customer or someone at the residence/delivery address to sign for the package. This way we have written documentation/proof of delivery. This is also how we verify the delivery and receipt of the package.

12. Why do I have to pay for shipping when the tickets aren’t being shipped immediately upon purchase (e.g. season tickets, future events, etc…)?

Even though the tickets are not being shipped immediately on the day of the purchase, they will still be shipped at a future date, thus requiring some kind of shipping fee at that time. Shipping charges do not fluctuate, for Michaels Ticket Service or the customer, simply because tickets are being shipped at a future date. Whatever shipping method was selected (e.g. Next Day, 2-Day, etc…), that is the service that will be performed and charged for.

13. It says 2-Day Federal Express, so why didn’t I get my tickets on Saturday or Sunday?

Unless a Saturday Fed-Ex (additional charge) is selected, all shipping methods apply ONLY on regular business days. Tickets shipped out on a Thursday via a 2-Day Federal Express will get to their destination on Monday of the following week. Friday would be the first business day and Monday the next. If necessary, shipping will be upgraded to ensure timely delivery.

14. My billing address is a P.O. Box and it won’t let me ship my tickets there. Why not and what can I do?

Even though we require customers to have their tickets shipped to the billing address of the credit card, Federal Express (this is the service we use) does not ship to P.O. Boxes. Therefore, customers are required to either fax written documentation allowing us to ship to a residential or different address, OR pay an additional fee and have the tickets sent to the P.O. Box via Certified U.S. Mail.

15. Why do I have to do a fax? I order over the internet all the time and do not have time to do this?

For the Customer’s protection against credit card fraud, a fax authorization August be required for security purposes, to ensure the customer’s credit card, identification, signature, and billing address are correct. This is something that protects the customer and the company.

16. Why don’t you accept international credit cards?

For security purposes, Michaels Tickets only ships tickets nationally. Therefore, we cannot accept international credit cards, as their billing addresses are out of the country.

17. What time is your Downtown, Los Angeles location open for pick-ups?

Business hours are 9 AM-9 PM, Monday-Sunday (subject to change, please double-check with your sales representative). Tickets for pick-up at this office are guaranteed only 1 hour before the event and 1 hour past the start of the event.

18. Does my child need a ticket if they are under a certain age?

Ticket necessity for children’s admission varies from venue to venue. There is not a set age, which would require the purchase of a ticket or not. If buying a ticket for a child, please contact the venue before placing an order to determine the quantity of tickets to be ordered.

19. Why do you say you are (fill in organization) when you are not?

Our website or ownership of web domain does not mean that we are necessarily that organization or affiliated with them in any way. Rather, the webpage simply implies that we have the rights to own that domain, which is an affiliate website of Michaelstickets.com

20. If you are not the box office, why do you position yourself like you are?

Our many disclaimers (click here to view our disclaimers) strictly state that we are not a box office and are not affiliated in any way with any box offices or venues…

21. If I order online, how is my order confirmed?

After placing an order online, the customer will receive an email with written documentation of their ticket reservation or request. The order will be final once a sales representative contacts the customer and informs them that their order is complete and ready for shipment or pick-up. Placing an order online is only a ticket request and does not assure that the customer will receive the tickets for which the order was placed.

22. If you are Michaels Ticket Service, why does it say you are something else?

The website you are viewing is one of many websites affiliated with Michaels Ticket Service.

23. What proof of purchase do I get?

Upon the completion of the order and confirmation from a sales representative, the customer will receive a receipt in the mail, with their package or via email describing their order and showing method of payment. In addition, the customer information will be stored in our computers to keep record of orders placed.

24. What are my guarantees if the tickets aren’t what I purchased?

Michaels Ticket Service reserves the right to upgrade customers at no additional cost to improve the seats if what they ordered is not available. If the tickets ordered or an upgrade are not available, a sales representative will contact the customer and offer different seats or ones that are comparable . A customer will never get tickets of a lesser value and/or quality without being contacted first and getting approval.

In the rare instance that we are unable to provide you with comparable tickets after we have confirmed your order, we will notify you in a reasonable amount of time and provide you a 200% refund of the price of the tickets and 100% of any service, shipping or other charges.

25. Is this legal?

The industry is legal and legitimate. We are a fully licensed member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. In addition, Michaels Ticket Service is part of the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau. We have been in business for over 20 years and take great pride in the service we offer.

26. How much over face do you charge?

There is never a set amount we charge over the face value of a ticket. Prices are based strictly and solely on ticket availability and market demand.

27. Are you guys Ticketmaster?

No, we are not Ticketmaster or affiliated with them or any other box office. . We are a private ticket broker and charge over face value for our tickets, as we pay premium prices to obtain them.

28. What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Losing tickets is identical to losing cash money. They are almost impossible to replace. Please keep your tickets in a safe, dry place. If they are lost or stolen, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you any way we can.

29. What happens if the event I purchased tickets for is cancelled?

Michaels Ticket Service offers a full refund of the charge less delivery fees. The appropriate amount will be refunded as soon as the tickets are returned to one of our offices in a timely fashion (this allotted time period will be determined at time of cancellation). For more info, please see our disclaimers (click here to view our disclaimers).

30. I want to order for an event tonight but it only allows me to select shipping. So how would I go about getting my tickets?

If you are interested in placing an order for tickets for the day of an event, please call our offices and place the order with a live sales representative. This way ticket availability and pick-up will be determined at the time of the sale, rather than the customer waiting for a sales representative to contact them. If the order is still placed with the customer selecting the shipping alternative, a sales representative will contact the customer and inform them of their delivery options

31. Is there a dress code?

Strictly speaking, there is no dress code. However, for concerts or theatre, venues August be contacted individually to determine their standards and/or dress codes, if any.

32. What are the seat numbers for Section “x”, Row “y?” Is it closer to the inner or outer aisle?

Seat numbers are not necessarily predetermined and can only be upon calling one of our sales representatives. If available, they will try to fulfill your request or offer something as comparable as possible at the time.

33. I am on your website, why are some General Admission (GA) tickets priced higher than other?

Our website lists our tickets as well as tickets owned by different sources. As a result, prices August fluctuate for the same GA ticket. Prices listed by different sources will vary and August be inconsistent from our own.

34. I see worse seats at a higher price. Why?

Our website lists tickets owned by different sources. Therefore, not everything listed actually comes from our internal inventory. As a result, prices for seats worse than others August actually be priced higher. These different sources listing their tickets determine their own prices, which August be more or less than our listings. Therefore, customers will see worse seat tickets listed at higher prices.

35. (customer walks into our office.) – I just ordered tickets from your website and selected the office pick-up option. Why aren’t my tickets here?

Once you place an online order, it is .a reservation/request for tickets. The order is ONLY completed and confirmed once one of our sales representatives calls the customer back. At this time the sales representative will inform the customer as to exactly when the tickets will be available for pick-up at the selected location. Customers should not attempt to pick-up tickets without some verification of their orders’ completion.

36. (on the day of the event) Do I have to pick up the tickets at the location?

The actual location of our ticket inventory varies by date, event and venue so different events are stored in different locations. For orders placed on the day of the event, please call our office to find out specifically where tickets are located and what we can arrange to accommodate your needs.

37. What is playing in (fill in the blank) city?

In order to view what events are taking place in a certain city, simply put that city’s name in the search field on the website and a complete listing will be displayed of what events are being held at what venues in that city.

38. Can I use my friend’s credit card?

No. Per company policy, only the cardholder can place an order. We are required to ship the tickets to the billing address of the credit card, or the card holder August pick up at one of our offices.

39. Can I have someone else pick up my tickets?

No. Per company policy, only the cardholder August pick up at one of our locations.

40. Is Michaels Tickets a reliable ticket broker?

Yes, Michaels Tickets is a very reliable ticket broker that sells tickets on the secondary market. Michaels Tickets has been a member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Ticket Brokers for over 25 years! At Michaels Tickets you will receive the most reliable and personalized ticket shopping experience available!

41. I received/have a discount code/promo code for Michaels Tickets. What are the rules and restrictions applying to using it?

  • We do not accept Discount Codes or Promotion Codes on certain events including NHL Playoffs, NBA PLAYOFFS, Super Bowl Tickets, Final Four Tickets, BCS Championship Tickets, World Series Tickets, World Cup Tickets, CONCACAF Gold Cup Soccer Final and other select events.
  • Discount codes are NOT valid for purchasing Gift Cards.
  • There is a 2 ticket minimum purchase for all discount / promo codes.
  • Events and Discount/Promotional Codes are subject to change without notice.
  • Only one Discount/Promotional Code August be used per transaction.
  • Discount/Promotional Codes August not overlap on orders.
  • Discount/Promotional Codes are not valid with any other offer.
  • Discount/Promotional Codes are based on availability of tickets.
  • Online codes can only be used 1 per event in a 24 hour period per household, email address or name of individual.
  • All promo codes/discount codes are valid for 3 months from date of issue unless otherwise noted.
  • Michaels Tickets reserves the right to cancel any order done with a coupon code, discount code or promotional code that does not adhere to our terms and conditions. Orders trying to circumnavigate our terms and conditions by using multiple email address, address, phone number or name to purchase tickets next to each other will be cancelled at once.
  • All discount code, coupon codes, promo codes are good while supplies last
  • Other restrictions August apply.
  • Michaels Tickets is not responsible or obligated to honor any discount code, promotional code or coupon code that maybe found or used from a third party site.
  • Michaels Tickets has no affiliation with any third party sites that August be displaying a coupon, discount or promotional code.
  • We reserve out right to discontinue or change a given discount code at our own discretion.
  • Discount/Promotional Codes are only valid online through our website: Michaelstickets.com
  • Any Discount/Promotional Code or Michaels Bucks offer can not be combined or transferred.

You can see a complete list of Terms and Conditions.

42. Why do some events have Handling fees?

  • As industry leaders, we strive to maintain the highest value with lowest prices for our customers. However, in our efforts to acquire premium inventory, some events August include a handling fee.

43. What are Flash Seats and how do I download them?

  • Beginning with the 2020 Playoffs, the Los Angeles Kings will start using an electronic paperless ticketing system called FLASHSEATS for most of their tickets. Other events August also use FlashSeats. In an effort to be prepared, you can set up your account at www.flashseats.com and at the top of the page click REGISTER. You can then enter all of your pertinent information and as part of your account creation, you will decide what method of ID you would like to use to obtain your tickets: 1) Drivers License 2) Credit Card 3) Mobile App We highly recommend using credit card for entry. However, you can read how each option will work and make your own decision. Purchasing tickets from Michaels Tickets will still work the same way it always has except that once you purchase your tickets for the LA Kings (or any FLASHSEATS events), we will transfer the tickets to your Fashseats account. Once the transfer is complete you will receive an email letting you know that the tickets are in your account and then you can login to flashseats and see your tickets immediately. If you are taking friends to an event and you are not going to arrive at the same time, you can simply have your friend create their own Flashseats account. You can then log in to your Flashseats account and transfer tickets from your account to your friends. .

44. What are Loyalty Points and how do I use them?

  • Since 1985, Michaels Tickets has had a loyal following of amazing customers. Our Loyalty Points program is our way of saying thank you for coming back to us for all of your event ticket needs.You August view your Loyalty Points balance from within your Michaels Tickets accountLoyalty Points Terms and Conditions: Michaels Loyalty Points can only be earned and redeemed for online ticket purchases made on Michaelstickets.com

    *PENDING POINTS will be available once we have processed your order and the EVENT DATE of your tickets has passed. Points will be forfeited for refundable events that are cancelled without rescheduling.

    Please visit our Loyalty Points Page for complete program details, restrictions, and applicable terms and conditions.